EnBiome is a precision microbiotics company with a powerful screening platform for a continuous pipeline of products of therapeutic value, selectively for either prescription or non-prescription path to market.

The vision of the company is to become a leading precision microbiome product company that revolutionizes the approach to microbiome drug development and its positive impact on human health.

The company is founded on over four years of scientific research with 3 prioritized products ready for pre-clinical development.

Our three key differentiation factors make us the trailblazers in the microbiome drug development field.

  1. Our understanding of the role of the microbiota is at individual microbial strain level. These strains can be used individually or in combination for a given disease application.
  2. We have identified and isolated key active ingredient (AI) / metabolite associated with each of their mode of action. This allows us a to develop a strong pre-clinical as well as clinical data package. In some cases, they also offer the possibility of developing the AI as a classical pharma drug candidate, if a whole microorganism faces formulation or regulatory hurdles.
  3. We can grow the individual strains in vitro, to overcome the variability associated with dependence on human microbiota as a continuous source. These proprietary methods can be developed in to large scale fermentation process and possibly finetuned to overexpress the active ingredient.

These products were derived from our screening platform developed with proprietary culture methods and biochemical assays, initially demonstrated in C. elegans followed by disease models in rodents. Our platform provides a continuous stream of potential products as well as generating large data sets with a quick turnaround, as we expand our library of microbiome strains. As a precision microbiome company, EnBiome’s approach is based on a thorough understanding of the biology and mode of action, much ahead of the initial industry efforts involving fecal transplant, fecal spray and fecal isolates.

While the role of our body’s microbiome has been acknowledged as far back as by Hippocrates, when he said, “All disease begins in the gut”, understanding their critical role in our gene regulation has led to increasing importance of microbiota in our healthcare.

From digestion to drug resistance to immunogenic contribution, our microbiota and collection of microbial genes is defining human health. There is an increasing realization that the gut-brain axis is also crucial for short-term stress response to long-term mental health and neurodegenerative diseases. Master microbes and their metabolites play an important role in our gene regulation. Harnessing the key master microbes critical for good health will be a key component of healthcare going forward as they are the most evolved, best adapted and least toxic among all the therapy regimens.

Formation of the Human Microbiome Project by NIH has catalyzed the wave of microbiome as the new powerhouse of both pharma and consumer health industry.

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