• Enbiome Therapeutics aims to harness the power of our microbiome by identifying the therapeutic power of INDIVIDUAL human-microbe
  • We believe that each microbe is a MAGIC-BULLET drug with millions of years of evolutionary history and coexistence with the human
  • The POLYPHARMACOLOGICAL capabilities of the bacteria through their various metabolites, make them as smart drugs
  • We think microbiome as an organ and it is possible that providing a "single" missing defined microbial species or a "MINIMAL" COMBINATORIAL DEFINED MICROBIAL species might be enough to shift the equilibrium of the ecosystem to a net positive therapeutic outcome
  • We have screened and validated over 1500 bacteria, including many anaerobes, by using our PROPRIETARY ASSAY PLATFORM. Our platform, allows us to screen the microbiome library against over different 50 disease models
  • We plan to incrementally expand this screening repertoire to more than 10,000 bacteria, concurrently resulting in a robust and EXPANSIVE HUMAN MICROBIOME library.
Screening Screen our library of human microbiome derived microorganisms against multiple C. elegans models for a selected disease condition
Isolate and identify positive hits
Genetically screen for key active ingredients of the selected microorganism by random mutation and screening of each mutant
Individually test each active ingredient against the same, previously used C. elegans model
Product Development Characterization of the selected microbial candidate and development of proprietary process for growth and overexpression of the active ingredients
Translational Data Extend the proof-of-concept data to established animal models
Test for toxicity and pathogenicity
Study PK-PD of the whole microorganism
Clinical Studies Safety and Efficacy studies

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